Lemon Butter Salmon with Asparagus

Salmon Steak

This is one of many bullet proof seafood recipes that I will share with you. Simple, delicious and hard to screw up. Just what we are all looking for in a recipe.

I find the Norwegian Salmon is the best type of Salmon for this. Thick & Moist. Since there is not many ingredients in it, you have to have the best available salmon in your hand to make this work. This is the only part I cannot guarantee, unless you get it from our store:)

Here are the ingredients:

Norwegian Salmon/Skin On    6-8OZ per person

Butter(Salted or unsalted)       1 Table spoon per serving

Fresh Lemon Juice                  1/2 lemon per serving

(Please don’t use the ready ones, try to get a fresh lemon)

Kosher or Sea Salt

Coarse Black Pepper(If you have medley, even better)

Aluminium Foil

Parchment Paper


Preheat the oven to 400 F.

For almost all of my recipes that are baked in the oven will have the same directions for preparing the tray that you will bake the food in:

First, completely cover the tray with foil. Then cut a loose piece of foil  and parchment paper that is longer than the fish. Place the loose piece of foil in the tray, then the parchment paper inside this foil. Parchment prevents your food to directly touch the foil and this way fish does not stick to the foil after cooked. The best part about this little foil preparation is you can fold and throw away the loose piece after cooked, your tray doesn’t even need to be washed afterwards.

After placing the salmon on top of the parchment, fold the foil on the sides, as close as possible to the fish and make a small rectangular shape leaving the top open.

Melt the butter and add the lemon juice and salt in it.

With a thick knife, make small holes in the salmon piece to get the sauce inside the fish.

Pour the sauce over salmon. Grind coarse pepper on top.

Place it in the preheated oven and cook 20-25 minutes until it’s nice and brown on top. If the salmon is more than 1.5 inches thick, 25 minutes should work better. When done, outside should be crispy and inside should be moist and pink.

When serving, you can separate the skin easily with a spatula.

I usually make an asparagus side to this dish, this way you have a gourmet dinner ready literally in half an hour.

Asparagus Side:



Lemon Juice

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Prepare another tray with foil and parchment

Place the cut asparagus on top, try to make one layer, not too many on top of each other.

Drizzle olive oil and lemon juice over, add salt and pepper.

You can place the tray with Salmon in the middle shelf of the oven. This is cooked in about 15 minutes, you can prepare this after placing the Salmon that way they will be ready together.

Enjoy your Salmon & Asparagus dinner!

Lemon Butter Salmon with Asparagus